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How to Select Your Blouse Size

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

"Hey, my bra size is 32 so my chest/ bust size should be 32“ or “Hey, I wear a bra size of 34 so I’ll go for blouse size 34”, or “I usually buy blouse size 36 from the local store so I’ll choose blouse size 36 at Sarve Sarva” — these are things that we often hear from our customers when we ask them for their chest size. And we always end up explaining to them how your chest size may not be same as your bra size or equal to that of the blouse that you had earlier purchased from another store.

There is no universally followed, fixed size chart when it comes to making blouses. It is different for different manufacturers, meaning the definition or measurement details of say for example the Brand Size 32 of one manufacturer is highly likely to be different from another manufacturer.

And, bras are made for a different purpose altogether. They are inner garments, and are meant to support the bust and keep them firm while blouses are upper garments. Hence comparing the bra size with your chest/ bust size should be out of the purview.

Before choosing the size of the blouse be it on Sarve Sarva or any other online store, it is recommended to check the size chart, that's provided on the product page. After going through all the aspects of the measurement chart should you go on to choose the size.

The blouse size chart on Sarve Sarva is primarily based on three different aspects - chest, waist, length. We share the margin details as well. Following is how a typical Sarve Sarva blouse size chart looks like:

Now coming to the key topic, how to select the right Brand Size for you. Following are a few scenarios that we have put together based on our past conversations with some of our customers.

Scenario A: If you know your body measurements

Step 1: Read the size chart on our product page carefully to find the chest, waist, length measurements.

Step 2: Choose the Brand Size that represent the closest to your body measurements.

Note: We have blouses from different brands/ styles listed on our website. As mentioned earlier, different manufacturers have different size charts. Also, different styles of blouses have different size charts (for example, for the padded blouses listed on Sarve Sarva, the chest size is kept an inch or two larger for a comfortable fit. Hence we'd recommend you to always check the chart size for every next blouse that you add to the cart.

Scenario B: If you are not sure of your body measurements and have a well-fitted blouse around

Step 1: Take a blouse that fits you well, and a measuring tape. Incase you don't have a measuring tape, then take a scale.

Note: Take a padded blouse if you are viewing a padded blouse, and a non-padded blouse if you are viewing a non-padded one.

Step 2: Use the tape or the scale to measure the chest, waist and length on one side of the blouse that you have taken. Refer the dotted lines in the image below to understand how to measure, for example, for the chest, place your tape/ scale on one armpit and measure till the other armpit. Follow the same for the waist and the length as shown in the image.

Note: Follow the inches scale to record the measurement since our size chart is created as per the inches unit. For the measurement of the chest and waist multiply by 2 and then compare with our size chart.

Step 3: Once you have recorded the chest, waist, and length measurement, find the Brand Size representing the closest combination on our size chart.

Scenario C: If you are not sure of your body measurements, and don't have a well-fitted blouse around

Step 1: Take a measuring tape.

Step 2: Measure the chest from one armpit to another. Take the tape around your underarm. Record the measurement.

Note: Ensure that you have worn a well-fitted bra underneath your clothes.

Step 3: Next, take a measurement record for the length, starting from the shoulder to over your bust till the point you reach the length as mentioned in the size chart. The length of our curated blouses vary between 14-15 inches.

Step 4: Now, take a measurement of the waist from the point the length was recorded in the previous step. Take the tape around your waist. Record the measurement.

Step 5: Find the Brand Size representing the closest combination of chest and waist on our size chart.

Now that you have the measurements recorded, visit our website to order your most loved blouse. See you on the other side. :)

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